Galderma Benelux is Great Place To Work Certified

Good employment is the way to organizational success – this is the belief of Great Place to Work. Organizations with a culture of trust, pride and camaraderie perform better. Excelling in this field is an achievement. An achievement to be proud of and an achievement which deserves attention. We want to congratulate Galderma with being certified in Belgium and the Netherlands based on the feedback of their own employees. 

Great Place To Work
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9 maart 2021, geüpdatet 11 juli 2023
Great Place To Work Certified

Nicole Adang, Human Resources Manager Benelux, about the reasons behind the participation with Great Place To Work

During the last 3 years, Galderma Benelux invested significantly in the well-being of employees. The reason behind was the relative high turnover and sick leave the organization was facing. Hence a strategy and program were deployed to change this situation, and with great success. 

Different projects supported the approach which contained; MBTI sessions both in group and on individual base, individual coaching and an online learning environment covering different soft and hard skills topics.  We embedded a feedback culture with different group sessions along the year where the employees were encouraged to speak up and  collaborate on initiatives. For example: improve customer service or how to increase efficiency. The overall program was a huge success. Not only in budget overachievements over 3 years in a row, but even more importantly, a strong improvement of the wellbeing KPI’s.

 We based our strategy on our regular yearly employee engagement surveys but as a management team, we wanted to go further and decided to reach for an officially recognition with a “Great Place To Work” certificate. We succeeded and we are very proud to be one the first European Great Place to Work affiliates!

The results of the survey are great. High scores on Trust, Empowerment, Collaboration, be yourself and Development & support. We are very proud to have reached this with a strong team and highly engaged colleagues. 

To keep the spirit and performance high, we will start with project teams where all employees are participating to overachieve last year’s score for next year. If you consider challenging your country let us know, we are more than willing to share our experience.

What employees got to say 


“Galderma gives you the opportunity to use your strengths in your daily work. There is also enough room to keep developing your skills and qualities. You can be yourself at Galderma! Galderma has a strong family like bond where your contributions to the company are seen and appreciated.”


“Galderma is a great place to work because you are accepted as who you are. It’s a great work atmosphere because everybody works together to reach the highest goals & results.” 


“I could write a whole page on why working at Galderma still puts a smile on my face, but let’s keep it short and simple. The friendly , informal atmosphere, the “you are most welcome” - feeling, the positivity and enthusiasm of colleagues, the strong believe in our products,  the support given when needed and the together we care– mentality. That is in a nutshell what gives me the good and proud feeling of working at Galderma.”


“Galderma is a great place to work because you can be yourself, trust and enjoy the people you work with and be proud to be a part of a company with these kind of values. Reaching your goals, self development are the key to evolve within the company. Great (new) products, strategies, there are so many  motivational reasons to work for Galderma.”

About Galderma

Galderma's vision is “We will change the way the world thinks about skin health”. For many years Galderma has been successfully active as a pharmaceutical in dermatology and has the ambition to be the largest in its field. Our skin is a very important organ and plays a major role in our daily life. Galderma understands this like no other and focuses on it by improving the quality of life on a scientific basis. Amongst others, they do this for patients with acne, rosacea or actinic keratosis. But they also offer aid through medicines or medical devices for aesthetic purposes and with products for skin care. Galderma is active worldwide and helps dermatologists, nurses, aesthetic doctors, pharmacists, retailers and consumers to protect or improve their skin. In the Benelux, Galderma does this with a very enthusiastic team of people who all have a passion for the skin, who have a good understanding of its important role and how they can help the professional and consumer with it.

About certification

The Great Place To Work Certification is based on the employee survey called the Trust Index. The questionnaire exist of 60 statements about trust, pride and camaraderie. Organization who reach a score of 70% or higher are being certified as Great Place To Work. Find out more information about certification

Great Place To Work
Met +30 jaar ervaring in 60 landen is Great Place To Work de wereldwijde autoriteit op het gebied van organisatiecultuur en goed werkgeverschap.

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