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Is your organization a great place to work?

Attracting and (more importantly) retaining new talent is harder than ever. The historic tightness in the labor market means that jobs are waiting to be filled, and applicants have the luxury of being selective. How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors?

Show that you are a good employer and strengthen your employer brand from within with our certificate.

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500+ organizations have already earned the certificate

Every year we conduct our employee survey in hundreds of organizations in the Netherlands. Find out which organizations have earned our certificate.

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"Participating in Great Place To Work makes our organization an attractive employer. It sets us apart from the rest. The fact that we are certified is really part of our employer branding. Especially in a tight labor market, being a great place to work is extra valuable."
Mirella Lenters, Manager at HLB Blömer

What are the benefits of certification?

Certification is more than just a certificate. You get reliable insights into what is going on in the workplace and practical tools to get started with your organizational culture. 

Want to know more about the benefits, the conditions and what if you don't get certified?

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This is what the certificate yields
  • 1.7x higher revenue growth
  • 4.5x more applicants
  • A stronger employer brand
  • Engaged and loyal employees
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Employees as ambassadors

What are the criteria?

The certificate is not for sale. You earn the certificate based on the Trust Index™ : our employee survey that measures trust, pride and joy in your organization.

The certificate is 100% based on the voice of your employees.

These are the criteria for certification:

A Trust Index score of 70% or higher
A minimal response
A completed Culture Brief™
I want to get Certified™

What does the program look like?

In this video, Nienke explains more about the certificate, the benefits, the criteria and the Best Workplaces.

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The route towards a culture of trust

What if I don't make it?

On average, an organization in the Netherlands scores 58% on the Trust Index. Therefore, achieving a score of 70% or higher is therefore a real achievement. Moreover, a score lower than 70% is not a loss, but a starting point to work on your organizational culture.

We do not disclose which organizations do not achieve the certificate.

Are you hesitant to participate, because you think your organization does not score high enough yet? Then start with a baseline measurement to gain insight into where you are now, so you can start working on the right themes.

Start with a baseline measurement

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"Being a certified great place to work makes it easy for us to fill vacancies."
"Being a certified great place to work makes it easy for us to fill vacancies."
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