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"The annual mirror Great Place To Work holds up to us helps us see where we stand and fuels our ambitions to be an even better place to work. For everyone."
Martijn Ockers, CEO at Ciratum

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What is a great place to work?

Trust, pride and camaraderie for all make a workplace a great place to work. 

Employees trust the people they work for.
Employees take pride in their work and the organization.
Employees enjoy the people they work with.
For All
This experience is consistent for every employee, no matter who you are or what you do in the organization.
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Become a great place to work

Discover how your organization can become a great place to work in 3 steps.

Download the roadmap to learn more about becoming a great place to work!
Download the roadmap to learn more about becoming a great place to work!

What is certification?

Through certification, we recognize employers who have created a culture of trust, pride and fun according to their own employees.

Certification is more than just a certificate. Because it is based on a survey of your employees, you get reliable insights into what is going on and practical tools to get started with your organizational culture.

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The benefits of certification
  • 1.7x higher revenue growth
  • 4.5x more applicants
  • A stronger employer brand
  • Engaged and loyal employees
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Employees as ambassadors

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