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The Trust Index™ is our employee survey that measures trust, pride and fun in your organization. It provides concrete tools to engage with each other and to work on your organizational culture.

Every year we conduct this employee survey at 10,000 organizations in 60 countries. We have been doing this for more than 30 years.

Because the Trust Index is based on universal values, it is applicable worldwide in any organization, regardless of size or industry.

Trust Index in one minute

In this video, Nienke, one of our project managers, talks more about the Trust Index, its dimensions and the statements.

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This is what makes our employee survey unique

"Culture is the foundation of everything. Making that culture measurable and tangible so you can actually build on it, is why you should partner with Great Place To Work."

Jurriaan van Reijsen, Employee Engagement Lead at Avisi

More than an employee satisfaction survey

The Trust Index measures more than just engagement or satisfaction. Of course, there is nothing wrong with satisfied employees. But there is a big difference between a satisfied employee and an employee who can and wants to use his or her full potential. In the latter case, employees actually contribute to innovation and growth in an organization.

Therefore, to be successful as an organization, you need more than satisfied employees. An environment where trust, pride and fun are central and where every employee feels seen, heard and appreciated makes everyone able and willing to use his or her full potential.

So the Trust Index is not an employee satisfaction survey or employee engagement survey. It is much more than that.

Steps & Benefits of an International Great Place To Work program 2023

Participating in multiple countries

Discover the opportunity for multinationals to execute the Trust Index in multiple countries

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The 5 dimensions of the Trust Index

The Trust Index consists of 60 statements across 5 different dimensions. Read more about the dimensions and discover example statements.

Discover more example statements and what participating yields
Discover more example statements and what participating yields

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Upon completion of the survey, you can view, filter and compare the results in Waves. This online platform was developed specifically for Great Place To Work.

  • Give managers access to the results. Let managers work with the results for their own department or team.
  • Compare with other organizations. Put your results next to those of similar organizations to put them in perspective.

  • Filter based on relevant characteristics. Discover mutual differences and start working on customized improvements. Anonymity is maintained in this process.

The level of insight into your results depends on the package you choose.

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Discover Waves

In this video, Monique explains how Waves works and you'll discover differences in insight depending on the package you choose.

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