Participating in the Trust Index

You're invited to participate in the Trust Index, the employee survey of Great Place To Work. On this page, you'll learn more about the survey, discover how participating will benefit you, and find answers to frequently asked questions.

What is the Trust Index?

The Trust Index is our employee survey that measures trust, pride and joy in your organization. The survey maps three relationships in which you, the employee, are central.

The Trust Index consists of 60 statements, 2 open questions, 5 demographic questions and 3 multiple choice questions. Your organization may add additional questions of its own to the survey.

With a Trust Index score of 70% or higher, your company is Great Place To Work-Certified™. This certification is 100% based on your voice and that of your colleagues.


The Trust Index in less than 2 minutes

Rather watch than read? In this short video, find out what the Trust Index is, how to participate and what the survey will do for you.

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How does participating benefit you?

Everyone wants to work at a great place to work. A place where trust is key and where everyone is seen, heard and valued, no matter who you are or what you do.

Your participation in the Trust Index not only contributes to the improvement of your organization as a workplace but also provides invaluable insights. It helps uncover blind spots and equips you with tangible tools to collaborate effectively within your organizational culture. This research is particularly vital because organizations may sometimes lack awareness of ongoing issues or struggle with determining the best approaches to address them.

By participating in the Trust Index you personally contribute to a supportive working environment. Creating a place where you can truly be yourself, where mistakes are accepted as part of growth, and where you're encouraged to unleash your full potential.

So in the end, you have a lot to gain from completing the survey openly and honestly and then playing a role in the follow-up.

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Here's how participating works

Frequently asked questions