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Employee survey

Share your feedback

Are you concerned about how your organization is using our employee survey? Do you have doubts about the communication surrounding the survey? Or have you been asked to respond in a way that does not reflect what you personally think or experience?

Let us know via the form on the right. We'll use your feedback to ensure that the employee survey is carried out according to our guidelines. We do not link your feedback to the survey data.

Only the first field is mandatory. To take action on your feedback, we do need the name of your organization.

We believe that organizations become better employers when they receive honest feedback from their employees. We believe it is important that we can certify organizations with integrity based on the employee survey. Therefore, organizations participating in our survey must adhere to the following guidelines:

Organizations should:

  • Encourage employees to answer honestly and openly.

  • Emphasize that the survey is completely anonymous.

  • Inform employees that their participation is not mandatory.

  • Ensure that all employees are given the time and resources to complete the survey.

Organizations should not:

  • Encourage employees to answer a certain way.

  • Attempt to identify individual employees based on their answers.

  • Force employees to complete the questionnaire.

  • Give employees gifts for completing the questionnaire.

  • Create an environment where they can find out an individual employee's answers.

Share your feedback