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How great places to work
are created

The same characteristic characterizes international Great Places to Work For All: they possess a culture that supports their multinational workforce in which trust and respect are the essential elements.
Are you curious to learn how your multinational organization can create a thriving culture? Our CEO Michael Bush explains our philosophy in this video.

The benefits of becoming a Great Place To Work

Culturele Diversiteit Op De Werkvloer_Proud Employees

Proud employees as brand ambassadors

Culturele Diversiteit Op De Werkvloer_Better Reputation

A better reputation as a result of extensive media attention

Culturele Diversiteit Op De Werkvloer_More Job Applicants

More job applicants

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“The Great Place to Work survey allows us to hear from our Team Members on what they think makes Hilton a great place to work. We use their insights to help inform our strategy to ensure we continue to do everything we can to put our Team Members first – the most critical investment we can make in our hospitality mission”

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“To be successful as a business, we need to attract, engage and retain the best people in the industry. The Great Place to Work program is an invaluable feedback tool for us and helps us identify areas where we are doing well and areas where we can improve. Furthermore, it is a guide for potential new hires and a moment to be proud and celebrate all our employees‘ hard work and commitment.”

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“Atlassians across the globe, regardless of their roles, are working toward a shared vision of unleashing the potential of every team. Our ability to maintain a values-driven culture is what we think makes Atlassian a rewarding place to work and ultimately, what helps us unlock value for our customers. We’re proud to be recognized by Great Place to Work® Netherlands as a Best Place to Work and are looking forward to continuing our continued partnership.”

Our solutions to create thriving cultures

Five main elements differentiate us from other suppliers of employee surveys. First, our model is universal, enabling the entire project to be conducted globally.

Second, since we operate in 60 countries, we coordinate the process and its follow-up locally.

Third, our experience in more than 60 countries over 35 years enables you to benchmark your results and compare your organization with others in your industry.

Fourth, after the recognition of certifying as a Great Place to Work, the organization can be acknowledged as Best Workplace, creating national, regional or global recognition.

Fifth and last, we will centrally coordinate your Great Place to Work process, creating an easy workflow and reducing overall costs.

International employee survey

The Trust Index offers you insights into the level of trust, pride, and camaraderie organization-wide. In addition, the gathered results provide valuable insights into employees' perception of their employer and the culture of the organization in different regions.

The employee survey is available in all languages: perfect for organizations with a multinational team. Because employees complete the questionnaire in their language, the Trust Index provides reliable results.
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Audit of organization policies

The Culture Audit allows your organization to review its policies and their effects on employees. The results show how current policies shape the employee experience and areas of improvement that can be made to achieve better results.
Especially in organizations that operate internationally, it is valuable to gain insight into the policies implemented in various countries' strengths and weaknesses. You can opt for a central Culture Audit for the entire organization or a separate Culture Audit per country.

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List of Best Workplaces

Every year, Great Place to Work publishes an internationally recognized list of Best Workplaces. Organizations with multinational representation can compete for Best Workplace nominations if they meet our strict employee perceptions and pursue policies.
International organizations can be on three lists: national, regional and global. A spot on one of these Best Workplaces lists results in a sharp increase in recognition for your organization.

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Great Place to Work: your international partner in shaping workplace culture

For 35 years, we have listened to employees and researched organizations' characteristics that are considered great places to work for all.

Our universal methodology, based on empirical research, allows multinationals to gain organization-wide insights. As a result, they become a Great Place to Work for all and realize better individual performance, team performance, and business results.

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