Great Place To Work supports earthquake victims Türkiye and Syria

Monday morning, Feb. 6. The world was literally shocked by the devastation caused by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. More than 10 major cities, hundreds of villages and 23 million people have been affected by this disaster.

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15 februari 2023, geüpdatet 22 augustus 2023

Every day the numbers of people who have lost their lives rise. The need for help is great. Not only in the short term by collecting emergency materials. Long-term help is also needed to provide people with a roof over their heads, warm clothing, food and drinking water. In addition to these factors, psychological help is needed to process trauma and fears.  

Donating locally with a focus on long-term and psychological help

Our hearts go out to our colleagues at Great Place To Work Turkey and the people living in Türkiye and Syria. To ensure that our help is getting to the best possible place and that we continue to provide help not only now, but also later when the news updates are no longer on the front page. Ahbap is a non-profit organization with which the CEO of Great Place To Work Turkey has a trustworthy relationship. If you support Ahbap, we bypass the processes of international aid going past the Turkish government. By supporting Ahbap, we can make sure the money gets to where it needs to be faster.

Don't forget Syria

Northern Syria: an area where people have been living in terrible conditions for 12 years because of the civil war. Destroyed houses, shortage of food and outbreaks like cholera. An area even harder to reach than Türkiye and people we should not forget. By supporting the Red Cross in Syria, we can best support people who provide aid locally.  

How can you help?

  • Donate what you can spare to Ahbap

  • Donate what you can spare to Red Cross in Syria

  • Order specific products needed through Amazon

  • Support those around you, show that you are there

  • Keep paying attention, even when the news reports are gone.

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