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Mollie is a pioneer in the payment industry. As one of the fastest growing payment processors within Europe we facilitate companies of all sizes to grow by using different payment methods. We simplify complex financial services.


"When I joined Mollie, I was given the freedom and trust to build up a whole new department. Mollie is really committed to help its employees grow and build a powerful team - it’s not just a slogan."

Isabelle Giegling
Head of Data

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Mollie meets the criteria of Great Place To Work. Based on the required minimum score on the Great Place To Work employee survey Mollie is certified.

The employees score Mollie the highest on Camaraderie. The statement ‘When you join the company, you are made to feel welcome’ has a score of 94%.



"I am very proud that we can officially call Mollie a Great Place to Work. We understand that without our people we would have never achieved such success, therefore creating a culture where authenticity, well-being, and growth bond together is of utmost importance to us."

Shane Happach

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Prior to their first day, new Mollies receive Mollie’s Starters Guide. That’s an interactive onboarding manual we have designed especially for new Mollies, including  a video-message from our founder with a few words of encouragement.

We also connect new Mollies with a buddy, someone from their team who can help them with all their questions! And since everything is virtual now, we will send an onboarding package which contains:

-        Macbook pro
-        Noise cancelling headphones
-        A keyboard, mouse, adapter, etc
-        Lots of Mollie swag
-        Handwritten card by our lovely office team!

Through-out the first 3 days, they’ll get a virtual tour around all of our departments. We'll start the first day with a welcome session by our People team with tips & tricks and an interactive session. We’ve designed an online training to provide a basic understanding of what Mollie does and what solutions we offer to our customers. All our departments have prepared a presentation about who they are & what they do at Mollie. They’ll learn why Adriaan founded Mollie years ago, how we work together with Klarna and what we want to achieve over the next few years. We’ll finish the 3-day virtual onboarding program with a quiz and send something nice over to make your home office even more enjoyable. After the onboarding week, there are several department related training sessions (depending on what role and/or department you’ll start in).

Interested? Check out their website!


Charlotte Lafferty
Head of Talent Acquisition

E-Mail: recruitment@mollie.com