Great Place To Work-Certified™


Great Place To Work™ Certified
June 2023 - June 2024

About this organization

Maxxton is your global hospitality partner. As a provider of property management software solutions, Maxxton empowers businesses in the hospitality industry to reach their goals and boost their growth. Together, we will drive innovation, deliver exceptional solutions, and shape the future of the industry.

Nino Foudraine, Product Owner
“I enjoy working at Maxxton because of the work ethic and the company culture. Working with the latest techniques and the freedom to implement them can be highly rewarding and impactful. In addition, I can develop myself in every direction I prefer and at my own pace. This is a valuable opportunity. Receiving the Great Place to Work label is a reflection of our efforts . If I have to name an improvement point it would be that Maxxton could open an office in Amsterdam.”
Ruben de Looff, CEO
“We have successfully created a great place to work and continue to attract and retain top talent. Our workforce is now composed of a diverse group of highly skilled, motivated, and engaged colleagues. We are very proud to receive this recognition.”

About the Great Place To Work certification

We believe the voice of the employee is most important. That’s why this certification is 100% based on the Trust Index™ employee survey. This survey consists of 60 statements on various themes. With this survey, we measure trust, pride and fun in organizations.

These are the requirements for certification:

  • A score of 70% or higher on the Trust Index;
  • A minimum response rate;
  • A completed Culture Brief™.

The certificate is valid for one year. Organizations with the highest scores on the Trust Index have a chance to make the Best Workplaces™ list.


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