Great Place To Work-Certified™

DHL Shared Service Center

Great Place To Work™ Certified
February 2023 - February 2024

About this organization

Shared Service Center Maastricht is part of the Express Finance Organization. We deliver Finance activities to a range of business partners within the company. Both Global and Service Line teams are based here, as well as other Express and non-Express finance teams.

Dasha Surovtseva, Employee Engagement Expert
“SSC Maastricht is truly a Great Place to Work, that has an inclusive culture and excellent support for its employees. We are given the freedom and resources to learn, grow and make a difference in our careers and personal lives, and our contributions are valued and recognized.”
Stefan Terpstra, HR Director SSC Maastricht
“The DHL SSC in Maastricht is by far the most international employer in the region with an active approach on diversity, inclusion, equality and belonging, and English as main language. This makes it the ideal workplace for employees from diverse backgrounds.”

About the Great Place To Work certification

We believe the voice of the employee is most important. That’s why this certification is 100% based on the Trust Index™ employee survey. This survey consists of 60 statements on various themes. With this survey, we measure trust, pride and fun in organizations.

These are the requirements for certification:

  • A score of 70% or higher on the Trust Index;
  • A minimum response rate;
  • A completed Culture Brief™.

The certificate is valid for one year. Organizations with the highest scores on the Trust Index have a chance to make the Best Workplaces™ list.

Working at DHL Shared Service Center

DHL Express recognizes the critical importance of onboarding in attracting and retaining motivated employees. Effective onboarding has a direct impact on employees' performance, engagement, and awareness of their contribution to the company's mission. Therefore, DHL Express provides a comprehensive onboarding process for all new joiners, which begins before the first day on the job and continues for the first six months.

In the pre-boarding phase, new joiners receive DHL-in-a-box, which contains information about the company, goodies, and a personalized note from the manager and new colleagues. On the first day, the manager ensures that the new hire has access to all necessary resources and tools, creates an engaging environment, introduces them to colleagues and stakeholders, and discusses the induction program for the first month(s).

During the onboarding phase, new joiners receive several emails to engage them and make them feel part of the DHL team. Continuous support is provided through one-on-one meetings and feedback sessions with the manager and guidance from an experienced colleague as a buddy. Additionally, the CIS (Certified International Specialist) Training program is available to engage every member of DHL Express and invest in their future. All employees begin with the Foundation module, which breaks down the company's strategic direction and goals into digestible pieces.

Overall, DHL Express is committed to providing strong onboarding support to new joiners, which is critical to their success and the success of the company.


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