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Positie 3
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Great Place To Work™ Certified
December 2019 - December 2020
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Positie 1
World's Best Workplaces™ 2018
Positie 8
Best Workplaces™ Europe 2018 - Multinational
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Over deze organisatie

Cisco enables people to make powerful connections--whether in business, education, philanthropy, or creativity. Cisco hardware, software, and service offerings are used to create the Internet solutions that make networks possible--providing easy access to information anywhere, at any time. Cisco was founded in 1984 by a small group of computer scientists from Stanford University. Since the company's inception, Cisco engineers have been leaders in the development of Internet Protocol (IP)-based networking technologies. Today, with more than 71,000 employees worldwide, this tradition of innovation continues with industry-leading products and solutions in the company's core development areas of routing and switching, as well as in advanced technologies such as home networking, IP telephony, optical networking, security, storage area networking, and wireless technology. In addition to its products, Cisco provides a broad range of service offerings, including technical support and advanced services.

Azar Yousofnejad, Employee Engagement Coordinator Netherlands
“At Cisco I can be who I am and I feel valued for the work that I do. I am able to work from where I want; in the office, home or in a little café in the city. Work out in between meetings or after a long day of work with my peers at our campus. And our leaders are always in for a coffee date for personal advice or brainstorm about work. We are one family.”
Ester Klaeijsen, HR lead Netherlands
“Now into my 15th year at Cisco, I have had many roles, plenty of management changes and changes in my community. What’s never changed …it has to be the intent of the people. Cisco is very clear what she stands for, what is expected of us and supports us is being our best selves. We have a very strong culture based on teams, trust and kindness, making this the Greatest Place To Work!”

Over de Great Place To Work-certificering

De stem van de medewerker vinden we het belangrijkst. Daarom is deze certificering 100% gebaseerd op het Trust Index™-medewerkersonderzoek. Dit onderzoek bestaat uit 60 stellingen over verschillende thema’s. Hiermee meten we vertrouwen, trots en plezier in organisaties.

Dit zijn de voorwaarden voor certificering:

  • een score van 70% of hoger op de Trust Index;
  • een minimale respons;
  • een ingevulde Culture Brief™.

Het certificaat is één jaar geldig. Organisaties met de hoogste scores op de Trust Index maken kans op een plek op de lijst van Best Workplaces™.

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