International sales, marketing and distribution company of dairy products and dairy related food ingredients



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Numidia is a young and dynamic company, specialized in the international trade of dairy products. Numidia has, next to the office in Herten (NL), 4 offices abroad. We strive for operational excellence with people who make the difference in all areas.


''An international company and daily logistics fit perfectly for me. Responsibility and decision making in all layers of the organization lead to team achievements. I truly admire that Numidia strongly believes in career and personal developments. Within Numidia everybody makes the difference!''

Ruud Schuman
Operations Coördinator
The absence of discrimination and the presence of a procedure to appeal in case of injustice
Employees feel that they work in a friendly and fun environment and new employees are hospitable welcomed
Management is competent, has a clear vision and gives responsibility
Management is honest and sincere

Great Place to Work over

Numidia meets the criteria of Great Place To Work. Based on the required minimum score on the Great Place To Work employee survey Numidia is certified. 

The employees score Numidia the highest on Fairness. The statement ‘People here are treated fairly regardless of their gender’ has a score of 100%. 


''At Numidia, the employees (“the Numidians”) are the most important assets. Our aim is to increase their value continuously. That’s why we have a strict selection at the gate. Once on board we have an intensive training program. And we challenge them with new projects and possibilities.''

Han van Hagen
Managing Director

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Before someone becomes a Numidian, the candidate has two interviews with a total of 4 senior managers. This is a conscious choice. Every manager views the Numidian to-be through different glasses. Does the candidate match with Numidia? Does he or she have the desired competences? Does he or she fit in the team? And is this opinion shared among all involved team members?

 We discuss what we can expect from the candidate, but also what he or she can expect from us. After these conversations, an orientation day will follow. We want the Numidian to-be to have a good idea of ​​his or her future position and work environment. We always strive for long-term relationships.

 From the first day, everything is arranged to make a smooth start and to feel at home at Numidia. In the first months, the new Numidian has a tutor who guides him or her in the daily work. In addition, he or she will be offered a thorough introduction program (The Numidia Academy). After one month and after three months we have an evaluation moment with the new Numidian; how are things going? What does he or she think of the introduction program? What is going well and where are the points for further development?

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Tonnie Benders-Hovens
HR Officer

E-Mail: HR@numidia.nl