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We are a consultancy helping international clients (adidasLegoHBOFinaviaFC Liverpool, and others) succeed in technology. Our Nordic culture defines the key principle of Reaktor: offering exceptional technological competence while caring about the wellbeing of our team-mates.

Aleksandra Nechaeva

"Reaktor offers an exceptional amount of trust and freedom. I enjoy the level of company ambition that somehow ties really well with caring for people. It is a place where initiatives are welcome, decisions are made through an advice process and each person can truly be themselves."


Aleksandra Nechaeva

EU Talent Marketing


Management trusts people to do a good job without watching over their shoulders.
People here are treated fairly regardless of their sexual orientation.
I am able to take time off from work when I think it's necessary.
This is a physically safe place to work.
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Great Place to Work Certified

Reaktor meets the criteria of Great Place to Work. Based on the required minimum score on the Great Place to Work employee survey Reaktor is certified.

The employees at Reaktor score the highest on Camaraderie and Respect.

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Joonas Salovaara

"Sounds like a cliché but I’ve never met more smart and kind people than I’ve met here. That combined with the level of trust and freedom we all have creates a unique dynamic and vibe to work in that other companies only dream of."


Joonas Salovaara

Principal Consultant

Working at Reaktor


Once you've decided to join Reaktor and we've agreed on all practicalities, it's time to prepare for your first day. If you're not based in Amsterdam, no worries! We offer an extensive relocation package, provide you with temporary accommodation for the first month, and help to nail all the official documents. Most importantly, you can always rely on the support of an international group of Reaktorians representing 25 nationalities in our cozy 60-person office.

An onboarding checklist, prepared and edited by all the ones before you, will help with the number of new things to do and learn. It includes various items to check off to make your start at Reaktor more comfortable. During your first week, you'll get your tools set up, finalize all HR-admin and learn more about Reaktor as a company. You'll also participate in a Boostrap-session, where we'll discuss Reaktor's culture, values, and ways of working. 


There are many ways to integrate into Reaktor and connect with your new colleagues. Join one of our many hobby channels on Slack, attend events ranging from global Communities of Practice to Monthly Meetings and Thursday dinners, or participate in trainings regularly organized by our coaches and external experts.

The first few weeks at a new job can be very overwhelming. No stress, though; we got you! We rarely hire employees for a specific project, so your first days can and should be used to learn. Talk to people, visit teams and get to know your new company.


Billy Nash
Contact person
Billy Nash
Talent Growth