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About FinDock

FinDock is a technology company focused on empowering customers to manage end-to-end payments on Salesforce with our 100% native Salesforce app. We’re laser-focused on our customers‘ success, and we never fail to deliver the last solution you’ll ever need for payments on Salesforce.
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“FinDock is a Great Place to Work because of the people. We're building an inclusive and nurturing culture that allows people to thrive; because when people thrive, teams thrive - and that's reflected in our business outcomes also. We're looking forward to meeting more people to join us on this adventure."


Bas (CEO)

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Great Place to Work Certified

FinDock meets the criteria of Great Place to Work. Based on the required minimum score on the Great Place to Work employee survey FinDock is certified.

The employees at FinDock score the highest on Honesty.

Onboarding at FinDock

The onboarding process starts with our CEO, Bas Visser who invites successful candidates to a cup of tea or coffee. We keep everyone informed about the new hires through our bi-weekly connect sessions, where all our employees gather to share the newest updates.

Before the first workday, FinDock sends out a big bouquet of flowers, a welcome note and the basic information to start on the first day. At the same time, an onboarding buddy is introduced to guide them through the FinDock culture.

On the first day, depending on the starting location, the hiring manager introduces the new hire to the team, and prepares the needed documentation for the job.

The first weeks are focused on training, developing the right skills and getting comfortable with the organization and product.

Our Human Capital Manager, Wilma Borren checks in every month to see how the onboarding process is going and if needed, offers help and guidance.

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 Wilma Borren
 0031 646757941  wilma@findock.com
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“Working at FinDock is not a regular 9-to-5. It’s an opportunity to develop and grow - both professionally and personally. I know they care and want me to reach my fullest potential. I appreciate that, a lot."