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Logistics partner for FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment) and non-merch supply



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Caliber.global Is a 4PL-service provider, focusing on finding the best logistics solutions for project(s) anywhere in the world. With our self-developed IT solution we build a connected and efficient project supply chain that drives results for our global customers. Data-driven insights, expert services, and tailored advice are at the heart of our value proposition. The trust we foster within our network and our unrelenting focus on quality and customer service works to exceed expectations and to deliver our customer’s growth ambitions.


'I have been part of the global Caliber team for a few years now and I have always enjoyed the open – communication and transparent work culture fostered within the organization. Despite having offices in 7 cities around the world, the close lines of communication between all teams make it feel like we are all operating from one office. It is great to be part of such a wonderful, international team.'

Stephanie Baker
The absence of discrimination and the presence of a procedure to appeal in case of injustice
A sense of Intimacy by feeling able to be oneself
You can count on people to cooperate
A sense of pride in the team's achievements

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Caliber Global meets the criteria of Great Place To Work. Based on the required minimum score on the Great Place To Work employee survey Caliber Global is certified. 

The employees score Caliber Global the highest on Camaraderie. The statement ‘When you join the company, you are made to feel welcome’ has a score of 92%. 


'Our people enjoy being part of our strong, inclusive and international culture. We are results driven and customer focused with an entrepreneurial spirit, not afraid to try, fail and learn. Although we work from seven offices globally, we are highly connected as a group.'

Arjan Oudejans
Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

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The purpose of Caliber’s onboarding is to provide a high-level overview of Caliber Global’s organization, our global entities, our mission and values. We give new employees a greater understanding of their role within the company and connect them with colleagues.

We understand that the progression of a new firm can be challenging. At Caliber, we have a solid group of individuals ready to assist new employees through their transition and support them through this exciting time. Onboarding is the key to long-term success. First impressions are important!

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Mariska Romein
Human Resource Manager

E-Mail: mariska.romein@caliber.global